Kivrin Anne was born Saturday, August 23, 2008.

(August 2008) She likes snuggling, feeling drowsy and breastfeeding. She plans to develop more interests in the coming months.

(May 2009) She likes giggling, waving, pointing, walking with help, feeding herself pieces of fruit and veggies, snuggling for a few seconds at a time, and crawling after whatever it is she wants. She still likes breastfeeding.

Kivrin’s first name comes from the character Kivrin Engel in the award winning novel The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. Her middle name comes from her Aunt Leigh Anne. Both women are ambitious, smart and kind. In short, they are both (fictional and real) wonderful role models for our baby girl.

Equal parts online baby book, photo scrapbook, personal journal, and newsy letter to friends and family, this site allows us to share Kivrin’s experiences with others.

Lissa and Daniel are first time parents and full time librarians who are hoping to combine their newly discovered desire to show lots of people lots of pictures of their new baby with their preference to use technology to get things done more efficiently.