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On July 10, Marta, Susan and Kathy gave us the best kind of shower at work — great friends, fantastic food, amazing baby presents, and no cheesy games!

LeighAnne and Papa Staley invited friends and family to celebrate our upcoming baby in the MHBC fellowship hall on July 5. We had all been up late the night before at the fireworks — see LeighAnne’s pictures here.

Future great-grandmothers Grandma Staley and Nana Herring both arrived early — and they each made a cute fish square for the baby’s quilt!  

Colin helped us open the present from him and his mama, and Dan and I worked together to open the other gifts for the baby.

My favorite moment of the shower was a few minutes after our friend Kate arrived. For days in advance, our nephew Colin had been talking about this party for “his new baby cousin” and getting excited about it. He knew that his new baby cousin was in Aunt Lissa’s belly, and he had even felt the baby kick and talked to the baby (through my belly button, like it was a microphone). After Kate came in, she set down an infant carrier with her 2 month old daughter Avery in it and went back to her car for a moment. Colin walked by, saw the baby sitting in the carrier, and turned to me incredulously. “Is THAT my new baby cousin?” he asked, surprised that a baby had appeared at the party. It was basically the cutest thing ever. Colin was still happy to play with Avery though, after we told him that this was Kate’s new baby and that his new baby cousin was still safely in Aunt Lissa’s belly for now.

Like any other activity at church, especially one involving Staleys, there was plenty of yummy food and socializing at the tables.

Aunt Leigh Anne was too busy helping other people at the shower, so she made her quilt squares later that night. Even though the quilt has an underwater/aquarium theme to match the baby’s room decor, Leigh Anne knew we liked monkeys and robots, so she made squares that combined our favorite things!

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