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This past Sunday we packed up the car and drove for a visit to Grandma and Grandpa in KC. It was quite the fun visit!

kivrin and grandma banging on a tin

Grandma and Kivrin practice rhythm and the finer arts of percussion banging on things!

kivrin and grandpa reading a book

Grandpa and Kivrin learn about colors work on Summer Reading together!

walking around the coffee table

Kivrin practices going in circles her walking skills by chasing after toys on the coffee table!


It’s called QuadCam, and if you have an iPhone, I highly recommend it.

quadcam walking

quadcam two

kivrin at school


quadcam photo

kivrin lego table

quadcam pics

gardening baby 2

Kivrin was helping trim the ivy along the sidewalk.

happy baby standing with daddy

Kivrin was standing with Daddy and very excited about seeing the kitty in his arms.


Dan and I take turns spelling with the bath letters. Kivrin and I sent her daddy this message one night while he was stuck at work.

sleeping babe

Is there anything cuter than this sleeping baby?

sleeping baby

Maybe this sleeping baby is cuter?

We bought Kivrin a shopping cart to help her practice her walking. Of course, trying to assemble a new toy with the baby around is always a challenge. Luckily we had three adults on hand to get the job done. Kivrin especially liked showing off and smiling at Gramma Mary. She can’t quite walk with the cart yet, but she is getting closer every day!

excitement about new shopping cart

family project assembly

kivrin gets distracted from the task at hand

trying out the new cart

kivrin pool 4x6

The temperature on Sunday was in the 80’s so we blew up the new baby pool, got out the swim diaper, and headed outside to the yard to enjoy the weather! Kivrin loved the water, and splashing with her toys. She eventually disocovered that she could crawl out of the pool into the grass.

kivrin pool and ball

kivrin waving pool 4x6

pool 4x6

pool be gone

pink accent 4x6

Kivrin’s new pink outfit was just begging for some color accent photography.

kiwi makes your mouth pucker

Friday night Kivrin tried kiwi fruit – she really liked it but it made her mouth pucker every time she fed herself a piece.

kivrin trike

On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa came from Kansas City to spend the day with us. Grandpa Steve and Dan assembled Kivrin’s tricycle (a gift from Uncle Gary and Aunt Carol) and I pushed her around the kitchen on it, much to her delight.

kivrin in pink 4x6

Kivrin is all smiles, especially when getting lots of kisses from Mommy!

looking out the window with grandpa steve

Kivrin and Grandpa Steve looked out the window together.

rocka bye baby

My teeny tiny baby isn’t so little anymore. When she’s snuggling in my lap, she stretches out and dangles her arms and legs everywhere.

kivrin loves the garden house

Today when I went to pick Kivrin up from day care, she just wanted to play in the “garden house”. After a few minutes, I grabbed the video camera since no one else was around and she was being pretty cute. Look at how close she is to walking!

stephen patterson on letterman with the white rabbits

It’s not every day that you can stay up late (11:30 pm!!!) to watch someone you grew up with performing on David Letterman. Our childhood friend Stephen Patterson is the lead singer and keyboard player in the band White Rabbits. Their second album It’s Frightening comes out today and is already getting great reviews. Their first album, Fort Nightly is even available for checkout at our library! We are so happy for Steve’s success and we love listening to good friends singing great music. Now if only they would put out an album of kids music…

We didn’t let Kivrin stay up to watch, but we play her the album and dance around. She loves to watch the video for Percussion Gun because there so much movement.

We also just discovered The Jellydots and have been listening to their album “Hey you kids!” on repeat all weekend. I highly recommend it for kids and parents alike.

While I worked Saturday and Dan worked Sunday at the library, Kivrin spent the weekend throwing up about half of what she ate. We kept her home Monday. Dan and I alternated between caring for the baby and working the library’s Media Desk all day. Of course, Kivrin’s preferred place to get sick seems to always be right in the center of our bed, so we have been doing lots and lots of laundry. On the bright side, it’s like a baby-mandated spring cleaning to have to wash your comforter, your mattress pad (and spare mattress pad) and all of the sheets and pillowcases in your house!

Not many new pictures, since we were each taking care of Kivrin solo (and everyone was going through multiple outfit changes), but here is a cute one of Kivrin looking serious with her daddy.

daddy daughter self portrait


new car

new car 2

“That’s right, it’ a new car!” Or at least a loaner from her cousin Colin. Kivrin likes to sit inside and be pushed gently around the driveway. Sometimes she slams her palm on the horn, just like a real driver!

bread is good

all that was left of the first loaf

gravity made me do it

Our dear friends Margaret and Carlee gave us their breadmaker so that we could make healthy bread for the baby — and she loves it. Our first loaves have been basic delicious whole wheat bread. In her high chair this week, Kivrin is also experimenting IsaacNewton style with the effects of gravity. She seems amazed that her food/spoon/cup always go straight down to the floor when she drops them over the side.

aquarium funbanging fish together and singing

This aquarium is perfect for Kivrin’s underwater-themed bedroom. It was a baby gift from her “Uncle” Brian, who loves to spoil her. She is really getting into the “fill and spill” toys and enjoys reaching in to pull out the plastic fishes. Sometimes she even puts a fish back inside…but she excels at the “spilling” part and usually it is mommy or daddy who “fills” the aquarium again. In these pictures she is banging the fish together and singing to them.

Kivrin likes to keep things exciting for her parents so this weekend while we worked opposite days at the library, she spent her time making more laundry by throwing up on everything. We assume this is just a stomach virus; Kivrin is cheerful and silly even when she is ill. In fact, she spent Sunday blowing raspberries constantly and all weekend she played a game of clapping her hands twice and then putting them on her chest and waiting for a parent to repeat her action before she did it again (and again and again). I know this is the age to teach her “so big” and “pattycake” but the things she is teaching us are fun too! We are hoping Kivrin’s tummy feels better real soon. I’ll post more pictures when we get caught up on the laundry!!

i love clapping

Clapping excitedly

mama and sleeping child

Passed out in mama’s arms

rolling the ball to kivrin and to mommy

Rolling the ball back and forth

the season for walking and baby carriers

Going for a walk

baby doll

Playing with her baby doll and blanket

🙂 Since Grandpa isn’t archiving facebook photos, I’m making sure to post the cute mobile uploads here too!

monday morning snugglesshhhh dan and kivrin are sleeping

I know that Dan would prefer I stop taking photos of him and the baby sleeping, but honestly folks, if you saw something this cute wouldn’t you want to take a picture? I just saw an AWESOME photo spread in Mothering magazine about bedsharing, and it had dozens of pictures like these of different familes snoozing together.

pulling up at window

Watch out walls and doors and windows — Kivrin can pull up on a vertical surface now, and she is thrilled with herself

i can destroy lilacsworking in the yard

When Grandpa was visiting last weekend, he worked in the yard and Kivrin helped him. Specifically, Grandpa ripped out weeds and Kivrin ripped up flowers. Lots of late spring blooms were available and she enjoyed destroying (I mean…experiencing…) the snowball bush, the lilac bush, the phlox and the irises. And yes, I had to watch her closely so nothing went in her mouth.

pulling up on the kitchen chairs

Grandpa said “I had to come out to visit now, so I could see Kivrin crawling. I couldn’t wait, because don’t think it will be long before she is walking.”

Kivrin is doing her best to prove him right. She is now (at 8.5 months) pulling up on kitchen chairs, the couch, flat surfaces like a wall, and sometimes even crusing around while holding on to a chair or the couch, usually in pursuit of something fun.

Other new things this week include more foods — beets (which stain everything magenta, but seem to wash off of plastic and skin pretty easily) and  kale (which she loves to feed herself). She also tried yogurt over the past few weeks and steamed zucchini and slices of fresh ripe pears. I’m grateful that Kivrin is starting to eat table foods in spring so that I can find the fresh foods in season. Dan and I will definintely be eating more healthy foods this summer, since Kivrin wants to eat what we are eating and we don’t want to be “cookies/icecream/cheetos are grownup foods” hypocrites.

eating beets

Kivrin has invented an adorable snuggly hug that is sort of a head-butt, a face-first-nose-wiping-dive and a baby hug all combined into one. It’s scary at first, because you think she will hit her head too hard on your shoulder/collarbone, then the middle is cute and snuggly with the warm baby head cradled against you, then her head pops up and she grins at you and the end is kind of gross when you see the snot smear she has left on your shirt. So….watch out and enjoy!

Kivrin made me a present at school, and I waited until Mother’s Day to open it. She helped me. It was a framed picture of her, with a handprint and footprint. I love it!

first mothers day gift

first mothers day present

I had to work 2:30-6:30 at the library on on Mother’s Day, so in the morning we went to the zoo and then out to lunch (I picked Qdoba and had nachos twice in one weekend!)

grandpa and kivrin and elephant

mothers day at the zoo

Even though we got to the zoo around Kivrin’s morning nap time, she stayed awake while we walked everywhere, and she fell asleep right as we got to the orangutan house at the very end. I also got a white rose from the zoo, for Mother’s Day!

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