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We drove to Kansas City just ahead of the snow storm, hoping to start a restful holiday— instead, Kivrin started throwing up on Christmas Eve with a 24 hour stomach bug! We still braved the Christmas Eve service at Dan’s parents’ church, and made it back to their house safely in the heavy snow.

Christmas Morning, Santa brought two bags of presents for Kivrin to open! One had new Playmobil  trucks and cars and the other bag had a new baby doll. Thankfully, she threw up for the last time on Christmas morning in between opening her Santa presents and was her cheerful self the rest of the day.

 On Christmas Day, Kivrin’s cousin Thomas and her Uncle Jon and Aunt Sara came over to celebrate. Kivrin and Thomas had a blast playing together, although since they are both under 2 years old, sharing their new Christmas toys was not at the top of their list of things to do… The 6 grown-ups to 2 toddlers ratio worked out just about right to keep the peace!

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Kivrin playing basketball — she’s on the petite side though and she quickly devised a way to cheat!

Kivrin discovered an old pair of Colin’s sunglasses and had a blast trying them on!

The first week of December, we decorated our tree with a few oversized ornaments.

Kivrin and Mama play a game that started out as “horsey” but quickly developed an elaborate flip over Mama’s head!

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