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Kivrin decided to finger paint with only one finger at a time! – January 22, 2010

Temperatures in the mid 40’s meant no more snow on the ground and a fun afternoon walk to Boswell Park with Mama! Everything was a bit muddy but we managed to play with the swings and some of the slides too. Daddy was at work but we took advantage of the warm afternoon while we have the chance! – January 23, 2010

Kivrin and Grandpa playing on the couch with many many baby dolls.

As the first helicopter has taken a beating, losing half the landing struts, use of the tail rotor and having all wings replaced, Mama took the precaution of picking up a back up helicopter from Target to keep helicopter-related sadness at bay. The first helicopter started out as much more fully functional with many neat features, but now the cheaper backup helicopter has become a favorite for the all important task of “flying without crashing.”

One the outdoor temperature hit 40 degrees, Kivrin and Mama were ready to enjoy the pleasant springtime weather, or at least to pretend for a few minutes at a time. Kivrin had refused to walk on the sidewalk during all of the weeks of icy wet and dreary snow, but she was happy to run around and drive in her car since the sidewalks were finally dry! These photos show how much of the Christmas blizzard stuck around until January 17th!

By January 6th, the effects of the Christmas blizzard of 2009 were still quite visible.

Kivrin and Daddy watching the remote control helicopter fly around the kitchen. This is a daily occurence in our household.

January 9th – waiting for the Saturday morning storytime at the library with Kyler to begin!

Kivrin and Daddy playing in a box that came from Gramma Mary. Sometimes the box is just as fun as what was inside!

5 days later. Still flying the helicopter in the kitchen. At least I got the helicopter in this shot…

Beware the rhetorical questions with toddlers. “Should your bulldozer help clear the snow?”

This is how Daddy ended up on the front porch with a yellow plastic bulldozer on January 13, 2010, 15 minutes PAST bedtime….

A group shot taken the same night, so that we could wish Kivrin’s cousin Colin a happy birthday on Jan 14th (from all of us!)

(more pictures to come as I have time! I think I’m about 20 GB of photos and videos behind right now!!!)

Kivrin wearing the new Christmas dress that Nana sewed for her. Unfortunately, she was tired and crabby and she refused to look at the camera for a picture. The dress is adorable though!

Colin and Kivrin both sitting in Papa’s lap to read “Twinkle Toes” by Karen Katz. Papa was such a good reader that he had to keep reading more and more books until he almost lost his voice!

Kivrin loves to open the cabinets and drawers in Papa’s kitchen. She discovered that his bottom drawer has dish towels and potatoes, then dragged the bag of potatoes all over the house before I could catch her. Here she is taking them into Papa’s bedroom and offering them to the vaccuum cleaner that is just to the right inside the door.

On Sunday morning early, Colin and Lissa snuggled on the couch under some blankets. Then Kivrin got jealous and insisted on joining us. She wasn’t very sleep though, so it was more of an aerial attack on our nap!

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