(more pictures to come as I have time! I think I’m about 20 GB of photos and videos behind right now!!!)

Kivrin wearing the new Christmas dress that Nana sewed for her. Unfortunately, she was tired and crabby and she refused to look at the camera for a picture. The dress is adorable though!

Colin and Kivrin both sitting in Papa’s lap to read “Twinkle Toes” by Karen Katz. Papa was such a good reader that he had to keep reading more and more books until he almost lost his voice!

Kivrin loves to open the cabinets and drawers in Papa’s kitchen. She discovered that his bottom drawer has dish towels and potatoes, then dragged the bag of potatoes all over the house before I could catch her. Here she is taking them into Papa’s bedroom and offering them to the vaccuum cleaner that is just to the right inside the door.

On Sunday morning early, Colin and Lissa snuggled on the couch under some blankets. Then Kivrin got jealous and insisted on joining us. She wasn’t very sleep though, so it was more of an aerial attack on our nap!