cool iphone photo of kivrin sleeping

A photo of Kivrin sleeping in her mama’s arms that I edited using my iphone.

kivrin and mama asleep in the morning

Kivrin and mama sleeping in the morning. Kivrin has been consistently staying up to almost 9pm and sleeping past 7 am the past few weeks (though still nursing several times in the night).

7-26 playing with the dolly

I made Kivrin a little space with pillows and a blanket on the living room floor. She used a blanket to wrap up her baby doll.

messiest face ever

Messiest face ever — Kivrin seems to know when it is bath night and she gets extra messy with her dinner. I think this was beets and baby food…I can’t remember what else is smeared all over her face though! She is obviously pretty happy while messy!

kivrin looking at the wall

Kivrin is a climber, although she doesn’t have much to climb on at our house. Here she is using her chair to try to reach the picture frames high on the wall above her, with little success. She has been very interested in looking at pictures/photos lately. She loves looking at the photos of when her Mama and Aunt Leigh Anne were little girls, and also of her family photos on the bulletin board at day care. And any photo of an animal is great, especially if she can get someone to make animal noises for her if she keeps pointing at the picture! (She has us well trained.)

kivrin and mommy together

Kivrin and Mama pose for a quick picture while playing in the kitchen.

kivrin and fogt grandparents

Kivrin got some play time with her Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Steve  when they came from Kansas City to bring our friend Laurel from the airport. Kivrin is showing off for Grandma with both her baby doll and her car.

nap on the couch

Kivrin crashed out on the couch for a nap — she is a lounger and loves to spread out in every direction.


Kivrin likes when we blow bubbles, although she doesn’t chase them too much. She likes to watch them float in the air, and she likes when *we* chase them.

playing with her doll in the chair at school

This is the rocking chair where I sit to nurse Kivrin every day at her school. I put her up on it so that she could rock her baby doll. She likes to use old soft burp cloths to wrap up her baby dolls and fusses if her teachers try to substitute a baby blanket instead.

stair climbing motivation

Now you see why Kivrin loves to try to climb the stairs — at the top is our little cat, Ella, trying to escape from Kivrin! We have a gate in the hallway so that Kivrin can’t get to the stairs on her own.