opening a box from gramma mary

Kivrin received a GIANT box of early birthday presents from her Gramma Mary!

opening the package from gramma

She looks on with interest at a purple plush that is trying to escape.


package from gramma mary

Kivrin liked banging on top of the box. (Yes, she is holding a dirty sock. Her favorite things right now are dolls and dirty socks. She likes clean socks too, but we seem to have more dirty socks on the floor at home.)

kivrin looking at the creature comforts book

Kivrin is very interested in the special book that Gramma sent “Creature Comforts” about people and their security objects. Kivrin hasn’t choosen a security object yet, although increasingly any small doll or sock seems to make her happy when she is having a quiet time.

kivrin wants the blue hat

Kivrin wasn’t interested in wearing this hat herself yet, but the moment it went on her Mama’s head, she wanted it!

kivrin making a fish face

The box contained lots of great underwater-themed toys to match the theme of Kivrin’s bedroom. Kivrin is making a funny fish face back at this clown fish.

kivrin looking in the box

Kivrin crawled right over and started helping take things out of the box!

kivrin and mama reading together

Kivrin and I read the Creature Comforts book together, at least a few pages anyway.

roughhousing with mama

After all of that present-opening, Kivrin was pretty wound up. This is a picture of Kivrin and Mama rough housing together.

Thank you Gramma Mary for all of the wonderful presents! The musical triangle is also a favorite, and is featured in the latest video!