For the conclusion of our fabulous anniversary weekend getaway, we went to the Kansas City Zoo for the afternoon.

daddy and daughter zoo watching

Kivrin and Dan watching a monkey together.

meekats and kivrin

Kivrin liked to watch the meerkats. And to stand on her own at the fence, with the animals at eye level.

pointing to monkeys

Kivrin and I admiring some monkeys.

waving to the gorilla

Kivrin giving the lowland gorilla a friendly wave hello. (He was lounging, which I’m sure she admired!)

new baby zebra at the kc zoo

This was the view from our lunch (peas and tofu for the baby, nachos and pretzels for the parents) at the zoo. The farthest little animal on the right is the brand new baby zebra.

kivrin and the lion

Kivrin and her daddy went to admire the lions and this one was right up close!

end of the zoo trip

It was pretty obvious when Kivrin was done for the day! We went through the new rainforest exhibit while she was sleeping, and she slept the whole way home to Topeka. It was a wonderful weekend away, but Kivrin was happy to see her bath toys, her trucks and eating in her high chair while watching the cats. All her favorites!