love the monkey

Behold Kivrin’s absolute joy at a bizzare monkey toy she charmed out of our waiters  at the Mexican restaurant near our house (El Agave)…she left a huge mess of rice everwhere, we left a big tip to compensate for the mess and then they gave her a present!

pushing the stroller

Kivrin discovered at the big Barnes and Noble on the plaza that she could push around the stroller herself!

mother daughter trains

At the same store, Kivrin and I discovered TRAINS! neither one of us is very good at playing trains yet — Kivrin throws them and Lissa tries to hook them together backwards, but we both had a good time.

on the big bed

This is a naptime reenactment of how Kivrin hogged the king sized bed all night for our big anniversary trip. Although she does not sleep across the pillows at the top (yet) I think she gets this bed-hogging from her Aunt Leigh Anne!

kivrin and mom swimming

Although the water in the outdoor pool was cool, Kivrin loveed swimming and splashing.

lounging around

This picture doesn’t look like much, but it illustrates three of Kivrin’s newest hobbies — the first, holding socks. She likes to carry around socks (clean, dirty, doesn’t matter to her) like little dolls. The second activity is dragging around grownup shoes by the laces. She likes to carry a pair and walk around dangling them with her. The third activity is lounging. Kivrin likes to lounge on mommy or daddy, or course, or on the bed or the couch. Here she is lounging on the floor, with her feet up on the stroller.