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Thanksgiving visit to Nana’s house means flying Uncle Lee’s helicopters around the living room. Note the phone in Kivrin’s hand here, we had to get Nana’s bedroom handset for her, so that she would leave the other telephone alone.

Thanksgiving dinner around the Fogt family table with Sara, Thomas, Jon, Steve, Lissa, Kivrin, Daniel and Sandy.

Papa Staley, Lissa, Kivrin, Colin are dropping leaves over the bridge into the stream, then rushing to the other side to lean over and watch them on their path down the stream.  At Shaw’s Garden in St. Louis.

Cousins Kivrin and Colin enjoying a warm day at the Missouri Botannical Gardens.

Lissa and Kivrin enjoying the Van de Graaff generator at the Magic House in St. Louis.

Kivrin L-O-V-E-S to ride on Uncle Jim’s special John Deere tractor. She can’t reach the pedals, or the ground, but she likes to be pushed all around the driveway.

Kivrin modeling her fancy party dress that Lissa found for $18!!!! at the Black Friday sales with Leigh Anne.

See the rest of our Thanksgiving pictures on flickr.

Kivrin and Daddy on the slide at Boswell Park.

Kivrin playing with baby dolls and full sized blankets (instead of diaper cloths).

Kivrin playing with Mama’s baby doll and blanket from when she was little.


Kivrin and Daddy in the snow (notice her coat, hat and good, and Daddy’s shorts and short sleeves!)

Kivrin LOVES to be lifted up to kiss the “Mistle-Toad” hanging from the living room light pull.

Kivrin and Mama on the bridge at the park.

 Kivrin climbing the stairs at the park all by herself.




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