Kivrin and Grandpa playing on the couch with many many baby dolls.

As the first helicopter has taken a beating, losing half the landing struts, use of the tail rotor and having all wings replaced, Mama took the precaution of picking up a back up helicopter from Target to keep helicopter-related sadness at bay. The first helicopter started out as much more fully functional with many neat features, but now the cheaper backup helicopter has become a favorite for the all important task of “flying without crashing.”

One the outdoor temperature hit 40 degrees, Kivrin and Mama were ready to enjoy the pleasant springtime weather, or at least to pretend for a few minutes at a time. Kivrin had refused to walk on the sidewalk during all of the weeks of icy wet and dreary snow, but she was happy to run around and drive in her car since the sidewalks were finally dry! These photos show how much of the Christmas blizzard stuck around until January 17th!