🙂 Since Grandpa isn’t archiving facebook photos, I’m making sure to post the cute mobile uploads here too!

monday morning snugglesshhhh dan and kivrin are sleeping

I know that Dan would prefer I stop taking photos of him and the baby sleeping, but honestly folks, if you saw something this cute wouldn’t you want to take a picture? I just saw an AWESOME photo spread in Mothering magazine about bedsharing, and it had dozens of pictures like these of different familes snoozing together.

pulling up at window

Watch out walls and doors and windows — Kivrin can pull up on a vertical surface now, and she is thrilled with herself

i can destroy lilacsworking in the yard

When Grandpa was visiting last weekend, he worked in the yard and Kivrin helped him. Specifically, Grandpa ripped out weeds and Kivrin ripped up flowers. Lots of late spring blooms were available and she enjoyed destroying (I mean…experiencing…) the snowball bush, the lilac bush, the phlox and the irises. And yes, I had to watch her closely so nothing went in her mouth.