pulling up on the kitchen chairs

Grandpa said “I had to come out to visit now, so I could see Kivrin crawling. I couldn’t wait, because don’t think it will be long before she is walking.”

Kivrin is doing her best to prove him right. She is now (at 8.5 months) pulling up on kitchen chairs, the couch, flat surfaces like a wall, and sometimes even crusing around while holding on to a chair or the couch, usually in pursuit of something fun.

Other new things this week include more foods — beets (which stain everything magenta, but seem to wash off of plastic and skin pretty easily) and  kale (which she loves to feed herself). She also tried yogurt over the past few weeks and steamed zucchini and slices of fresh ripe pears. I’m grateful that Kivrin is starting to eat table foods in spring so that I can find the fresh foods in season. Dan and I will definintely be eating more healthy foods this summer, since Kivrin wants to eat what we are eating and we don’t want to be “cookies/icecream/cheetos are grownup foods” hypocrites.

eating beets

Kivrin has invented an adorable snuggly hug that is sort of a head-butt, a face-first-nose-wiping-dive and a baby hug all combined into one. It’s scary at first, because you think she will hit her head too hard on your shoulder/collarbone, then the middle is cute and snuggly with the warm baby head cradled against you, then her head pops up and she grins at you and the end is kind of gross when you see the snot smear she has left on your shirt. So….watch out and enjoy!