pink accent 4x6

Kivrin’s new pink outfit was just begging for some color accent photography.

kiwi makes your mouth pucker

Friday night Kivrin tried kiwi fruit – she really liked it but it made her mouth pucker every time she fed herself a piece.

kivrin trike

On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa came from Kansas City to spend the day with us. Grandpa Steve and Dan assembled Kivrin’s tricycle (a gift from Uncle Gary and Aunt Carol) and I pushed her around the kitchen on it, much to her delight.

kivrin in pink 4x6

Kivrin is all smiles, especially when getting lots of kisses from Mommy!

looking out the window with grandpa steve

Kivrin and Grandpa Steve looked out the window together.

rocka bye baby

My teeny tiny baby isn’t so little anymore. When she’s snuggling in my lap, she stretches out and dangles her arms and legs everywhere.