new car

new car 2

“That’s right, it’ a new car!” Or at least a loaner from her cousin Colin. Kivrin likes to sit inside and be pushed gently around the driveway. Sometimes she slams her palm on the horn, just like a real driver!

bread is good

all that was left of the first loaf

gravity made me do it

Our dear friends Margaret and Carlee gave us their breadmaker so that we could make healthy bread for the baby — and she loves it. Our first loaves have been basic delicious whole wheat bread. In her high chair this week, Kivrin is also experimenting IsaacNewton style with the effects of gravity. She seems amazed that her food/spoon/cup always go straight down to the floor when she drops them over the side.

aquarium funbanging fish together and singing

This aquarium is perfect for Kivrin’s underwater-themed bedroom. It was a baby gift from her “Uncle” Brian, who loves to spoil her. She is really getting into the “fill and spill” toys and enjoys reaching in to pull out the plastic fishes. Sometimes she even puts a fish back inside…but she excels at the “spilling” part and usually it is mommy or daddy who “fills” the aquarium again. In these pictures she is banging the fish together and singing to them.