Our friends Carrie and Jenn came over to visit —  Kivrin was all decked out in her Saturday football outfit.



Apparently my Christmas cactus thrives on neglect because these are the most beautiful blooms I’ve ever seen on it. Kivrin liked to look at the brightly colored flowers, especially when I made them dance around for her! (Dan said that this year it was a Halloween cactus, but I don’t think if it blooms early it is any less seasonally named…)


We are so lucky that Kivrin doesn’t mind the car seat too much. One of us usually sits in back with her if she is awake, although she isn’t awake for long on most trips longer than 5 minutes, and sometimes she doesn’t make it on the trips less than 5 minutes either. The library, the grocery store, and her child care center are all about 5 minutes away from our house, so she isn’t in the car seat for very long on most trips.