The trick is to make work time look like play time.

Carrying laundry and a baby at the same time is a challenge. I’ve tried this option several times, but Kivrin is getting too wiggly for it to work anymore.



Once we get to her room, I put her on her surf board for some belly time while I fold and put away her clothes and blankets. surf-on-belly

I got the surf board on clearance for like $10, because it’s not like Kivrin actually needs a special surfboard on which to practice holding up her head — but sometimes Mommy needs a reminder to play with the baby this way, and the surfboard is more attractive than a post-it-note that says “Belly Time!” which is what I was considering before…


Once she’s tired of being on her belly, she gets fussy, so I flipped her over so she could chill out for a bit while I finished the chores in her room.