extreme closeup



 “playing in a box is delightful, of course”

hat on at door lets go

“I’m ready to play outside!”

at gage park

“Watch me with this wheel, I’m fast.”


“I love reading my animals book, even upside down”

 playing with her dolls

“I can carry all my dolls at once, or one at a time.”

helping set up trivia

“I’m helping mama set up trivia night, I was in charge of patrolling the floor.”

trying to eat with a spoon

 “It works even better with mama’s spoon.”

where is the cup i dont know

“i don’t know where it is”

wet cloth on head

“What’s on my head?”

wiping her own nose at cider days

“I can do it myselfm just this once”

out for a walk

“look at me on a walk around the block”

loves going fast in the wagon

“faster please”

first big girl bath

“I’m excited to try sitting in the tub without the baby bathtub.”

bath failure

“I miss my baby bathtub, please go get it right now”