kivrin at the park

Kivrin is learning new things every day! But they don’t all photograph very well. Since this is basically Kivrin’s online baby book, here is list of things she has been enjoying doing lately at 13 months old.

  • Pointing to her nose or ears when we ask. Pointing to our noses.
  • Pulling up her shirt to show her belly button. Wanting to be tickled on the belly!
  • Sticking out her tongue when we talk about tongues or we stick out our tongue first.
  • Playing chase by tagging us then running away and looking back at us expectantly
  • Shaking her head “no” and sometimes saying “nyeh”
  • Vocalizing more, although not specific words
  • Pointing and vocalizing when she wants or does not want something
  • Singing/shouting along with music, dancing and clapping
  • Almost making the animals sounds for goat “meh” and lion “rawr”
  • Trying to run or walk really fast
  • Crawling up on the couch
  • Trying to carry all of her dolls at once
  • Stacking all of her dolls in her lap
  • Cuddling her baby and rocking it
  • Pointing to animal pictures and enjoying mama and daddy making animal sounds
  • Pointing to the cat, the rabbit, etc. in the book when we ask her to
  • Collecting animal magnets or other small items in bag or bucket and carrying around
  • Understands that doorknobs and the baby gate handles are the key to opening things, also knows keys are needed for door and car
  • Opening her mouth wide and saying “aaahh”
  • Bringing a book to mama or daddy and sitting in a lap to read, repeatedly
  • Walking around the library looking at all the books and people and playing in the kids areas
  • Going down the slide and swinging high on the baby swing at the park
  • Stacking things, fitting containers inside each other
  • Riding in the stroller on walks outside or inside
  • Throwing balls across the room (and throwing toys and food too)
  • Sometimes eating part of her meal with a spoon or fork, especially with some assistance
  • Climbing up on the step stool to wash her hands in the bathroom (she would do this all day and is upset when she has to stop)
  • Fussing when she doesn’t get her way, with a peculiar “whinny” noise sort of like a horse
  • Drooling (hopefully new teeth are coming, she still just has 4 on top and 2 on bottom)
  • Standing up in the bathtub, every bath, the entire time
  • Drawing with crayons, markers, ink pens, anything…
  • Sticking stickers on paper
  • Petting the cats, trying to snuggle the cats, chasing the cats trying to pet them more
  • Fake talking on the phone (or anything small like a booklight, remote control, iphone, toy phone, etc)
  • Drawing on the magna doodle

Current favorite foods that she seems to enjoy include frozen peas, plain tofu, whole wheat rotini with red sauce, whole wheat waffles, graham crackers, bananas, pieces of cheddar or colby cheese, cottage cheese, almost any pureed baby food vegetables, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, blueberries, raisins, sesame crackers. We only offer her water or whole milk to drink and she likes both.

art gallery from the new room at school

Some of the artwork Kivrin has made at school lately

piles of dolls

Piling her baby dolls around her on the couch

hugging her dolls

She had a big pile and I asked her to hug her baby dolls for this picture. She was happy to oblige.

pushing the button herself

On the popup toy, she can now push the center buttom to make the panda pop up all by herself, but she likes it better when someone sees her do it and cheers for her “You did it! You pushed the button all by yourself!” and claps for her.

smushing playdough

Our first attempt with playdoh was not a success — Kivrin kept trying to eat the playdough. After I showed her how to smush it a dozen times, she finally got the hang of it, at least for a few seconds.

excited about new tmbg cd

“Here Comes Science” by They Might Be Giants came in a package from Papa Staley this week — and has been played constantly ever since in our kitchen!

helping in the kitchen

Kivrin wants to help in the kitchen now, and one of her favorite ways to help is by making music with the pots and pans!

kivrin and her dolls

Kivrin showing off her dolls

kivrin cute closeup

Huge grin and showing off her “girl truck” which is like a car but shaped like a happy ladybug

kivrin in her pumpkin hoodie

Cute kiddo at the library in her Halloween jacket from Aunt Gloria

little librarian

Kivrin helping out at the library with her mama

kivrin loves swinging high

Collins Park swings go nice and high, just the way Kivrin likes them! Grandpa and Grandma Fogt even got some high fives from the swing.

playing peekaboo with mama

Kivrin playing peekaboo with mama at Collins Park

playing with the pumpkin window clings

Kivrin playing with the gel window clings and rearranging them. This was before she figured out that she could rip them into small pieces and destroy them.  🙂

sunday afternoon walk

Taking a Sunday afternoon walk with Grandpa and Grandma Fogt visited from Kansas City.

kivrin with her pictures from papa staley

Kivrin showing off the animals pictures than came in the package from Papa Staley.