Kivrin is loving to work puzzles right now. All of the simple wooded puzzles we have, every day.  At first she just matched the pieces and expected us to fit them in, but now if we hold back and encourage her, she can usually get the pieces all the way into the puzzle by herself!  – January 26, 2010

A special package arrived from Nana and Uncle Lee — an eyelet handmade dress, two colorful slips, a bunch of ribbons for the waist and two fancy spring coats to wear over it!

Unrelated, while we were playing dress up, Mama got out her old “silkie” nightgown from when she was a toddler to see how it fit Kivrin!

After all of the cute poses in her new dress, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, our dress-up time turned into a Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Kivrin doesn’t really ever cooperatively smile for the camera, but we did get her to look happy while playing peek-a-boo, and that became the theme of our card.

Just when the ground was nice and dry, here comes more snow to ruin our chances of outdoor play. At least this was a beautiful snow to wake up to on a Friday morning. – February 5, 2010.

I think I’m caught up again on photos for January, so for anything I didn’t blog, I posted the originals on flickr here.