W went to St. Louis this weekend (to see The Guthrie Family Rides Again concert and visit relatives!)

Kivrin liked watching animals at the children’s zoo.

Also at the children’s zoo, Kivrin made friends with this meerkat. They played peek-a-boo together for a long time.

Classic St. Louis zoo picture at the hippo statue! Why do we think it is funny to have animals eat our kids? Maybe because they think it is funny too.

Kivrin wasn’t too sure about the goats, but she liked using the brush to comb their fur coats.

Kivrin and Mama and Dada all rode the carosel together. The best part was waving at Papa each time we circled around.

On the way out of the zoo, Kivrin took Papa’s hat and put it on her own head!

At the new church gym!

Science Center Overpass — look at those cars speeding by underneath me!

At the Butterfly House, Kivrin and Mama climbed inside a display bubble — see those brown things around us? Those are giant cockroaches!

Kivrin really likes things in the sky right now. Helicopters, airplanes, and water towers are favorites. When she sees a water tower she says “ball” and points excitedly. Papa parked on the side of the mall especially for Kivrin so she could see the water tower up close when we went to eat at Olga’s.

Back at home again —

Kivrin decorated her shirt with Easter stickers and then had to check herself out in the mirror.