Colin was excited to meet his much anticipated “new baby cousin.” He sang her “Happy Birthday” and “Twinkle” and he tickled her toes. While he was holding her, she reached up and touched his face, then turned her open mouth towards him, making him worry that she was trying to eat him!

We tried to take a picture to show the size difference between the cousins — Kivrin is about 2 weeks old here and Colin is about two and a half years old. Colin was enamoured with this hanger though, telling us all that he was “going to hook us”, so this was the best photo we got.

Nana Herring and Kivrin were quite content to spend the afternoon enjoying each others company.

 Kivrin loves to smile at her Papa Staley. He has a theory that babies like him because his beard and bald head make it look like his face is upside down, but we think Kivrin just knows a good thing when she sees it!

 Lissa’s cousin Jon was visiting from Hawaii and happy to greet the newest Staley. Kivrin is swaddled up in a receiving blanket that Nana sewed for her.