After we had a not-very-successful attempt at professional newborn photos last week at JCPenney (not enough time to finish nursing first, which made for a very unhappy baby), we tried again today.

Kivrin and I, plus Dan’s mom and our friend Carrie met at the Sears portrait studio this afternoon. For the most part we had a well-fed but wide-awake and happy baby. It was only after several poses in only her diaper that Kivrin got crabby with us. After that traumatic first photo experience with Kivrin, I was so excited to have actual cute photos of my baby that we ordered lots of prints to share with everyone.

I’ll post a few more of the good Sears pictures soon, since the prints won’t be delivered for about 2 weeks. I edited the photo above after Dan called it “arty” — I promise I’m not going to surprise anyone with a blue-tint 5×7 for their living room!