With Daddy home all this week on vacation, we have been busy having fun!

Kivrin is just beginning to enjoy her activity gym (although she cried the first time we tried it.)

She likes lounging around on the boppy pillow.

Staring at mommy is a great way to spend the afternoon.

Playing “Catch” with a 3 week old baby means that mommy throws the ball and catches the ball, while Kivrin watches!

This picture just doesn’t capture the moment – we were playing a game called “Loudest Kisses” where the goal is to see who can give the loudest kiss on the cheek to the other person. Mommy wins most of the time right now, but Kivrin is going to be a contender soon enough.

This is the reference room at our library. A co-worker walked by, saw the baby conked out in Dan’s arms, and teased us about “sleeping in the library” not being allowed!

Kivrin is modeling one of her favorite comfy outfits — it was a gift from Aunt Leigh Anne and Colin and the shirt says “Mind the Jungle.”

This morning, we went to Baby Bookworms at the library for stories, songs and fingerplays — Kivrin liked the bouncing song about a car the best! We made it almost the entire 30 minute program before she got hungry again!

This is an honest-to-goodness grin from a very happy baby who loves hanging out with her Daddy (her t-shirt says “Daddy Rocks”)

Kivrin has started to want comfort-sucking sometimes when she isn’t really hungry, so we tried out a pacifier last night for a few minutes.

It’s official, mommy is a “sling addict.” But seriously, our new baby carrier arrived today and we had to try it out right away. Because she was already sleeping before we took our walk, Kivrin curled up in the Ella Roo Mei Tai and stayed asleep even when I came inside and used the computer for a bit. This carrier isn’t as warm and cozy as the HugaBub, but it feels sturdy and secure — as a bonus, it didn’t make mommy or baby sweaty in the 80 degree sunshine.