When Papa Staley visited this weekend, he brought a few clothing items he found in closets at his house. Since Kivrin is still small enough to fit into them, I decided it was the perfect time for a mother-daughter photo shoot. The hideously frilly dress above is shown on Kivrin on the left and Lissa (as a baby) on the right. And yes, it is just as scratchy as it looks like it would be….

We couldn’t find any pictures of Lissa or Leigh Anne wearing this yellow crocheted outfit, but Kivrin looks pretty cute in it. The trick to taking an old-fashioned photo was to get the jacket pulled shut enough to cover the “elmo” picture on the front of her diaper. There was also a pink crocheted outfit, but by the time we were on our third outfit change, Kivrin didn’t think this was a fun game anymore, so those pink pictures didn’t turn out so great.

Later that day, dressed in her favorite comfy pajamas (a sidesnap t-shirt and her diaper) Kivrin is all grins!