Colin, Kivrin and Lissa walking on the zoo path.


 Leigh Anne and Colin admiring an orangutan who can climb a ladder while holding his lunch!


 Colin watches the big gorilla.

Colin roars at the lions.

 Leigh Anne and Colin get up close to the colorful parrot.

Lissa and Kivrin enjoying the steamy heat of the Tropical Rainforest exhibit.

We all rode the Gage Park mini-train together. Colin was too mesmerized by the train to smile for the camera.

Leigh Anne helped Colin use the cool digger toys at the park — they only got a *little* bit of sand in their shoes!

Motherhood has taught Lissa many things in the past two months. Today’s lesson was that it is indeed possible to nurse your baby on the Gage Park mini-train if that is when she gets frantically hungry. Leigh Anne took this picture of us just because we were proud we had survived that adventure!

From waiting for the hippos to say hello to riding on the mini-train, Colin and his baby cousin Kivrin have a fun morning together at the park, ending with one last trip down the slide.