Our house just hasn’t been the same since Kivrin’s Aunt Leigh Anne and cousin Colin went back home to Milwaukee last Sunday. It’s much quieter, for one thing. And much less fun, even though we are just now getting the toys put away five days later!! (I’ve heard this toy takeover happens at Papa Staley’s house too!)

Colin liked to play with our old Fisher Price toys, especially the airplane and the dragon from the castle.

Aunt Leigh Anne has the magic touch when snuggling Kivrin.

Kivrin gave Colin a present – this Halloween puzzle has 24 pieces, and Colin could work it with only a little bit of help from his mommy. He also helped match all of Kivrin’s clean socks, and entertained Kivrin with songs (see the video!)  Kivrin hopes that we can visit with Colin again soon! 

Improvisational singing with a toddler can lead to hilarious results. On two car rides, Colin, Lissa, Leigh Anne, Dan (and baby Kivrin!) were singing the new song “Organic Farm” from Nerissa Nields “Rock All Day/Rock All Night” album. We had just been to the Topeka zoo though, and Colin has MANY suggestions for additional animals on the farm!