Saturday marked Kivrin’s 8 week birthday and we couldn’t be more proud of all of her new skills.

She’s a champion head-lifter (especially if we set her down with her arms propping her up like that already…) and she’s getting stronger every day.

Now that she can hold up her head sometimes, it is getting much easier to read books together. Dan is reading her a “touch and feel” book about farm animals. Although she sometimes needs some help with the “touching” she seems to enjoy the “feeling” once her hand is on the textured pages.

Kivrin’s ability to grasp and grab is increasing, especially since she is also learning how to put the things she grabs into her mouth (added motivation). She frequently has wet slobbery sleeves now from trying to chew on her hand with limited success.

All of these new activities can tire a girl out — Kivrin has longer stretches of being awake/active now, sometimes over 2 hours of alert fun times before napping.  For mommy and daddy, this extended happy-baby time is really great, but it sure keeps us busy! She’s also much more talkative, cooing and laughing and vocalizing while she plays with her toys or looks at mommy or daddy’s face.

You may have noticed that sometime right after she was born, most of Kivrin’s hair disappeared. I’m happy to report that she has some hair growing again on top of her head, although it is so short that right now it looks like she is sporting a little baby buzz cut. The jury is still out on her hair color, but it seems sort of blondish-brownish to us.