Here are some of the ways that Kivrin and I amused ourselves while we had colds this week.


Now that Kivrin has better head/neck control, we can go face out in the hug a bub.


Kivrin has red-rimmed eyes from her cold.


Playing together in the hallway mirror is one of our new favorite activities.


Sleeping on the princess pillow is a special treat when Kivrin is sick and crabby.



Kivrin is getting serious about reading – she especially likes books that have lots of different voices and motions when we read them — this one has monkeys jumping on beds, heads getting bumped, mama calling the doctor, the doctor’s stern advice — and lots of repeating of all of those things. She loves it!

bozie-bearIn these last days of maternity leave, I am trying to run some errands where I can take Kivrin with me. After we successfully got my car’s oils changed at the Ford dealership, we discovered the joys of the Ed Bozarth Saturn waiting room — a nice couch, vending machines, a big television. Kivrin was so charming that the women in the office gave her a “Bozie Bear” — the bear looks kind of huge in this picture, but keep in mind that the baby is quite small!