kivrin-pants-at-doctorMommy survived Kivrin’s first shots today- the baby got stuck three times and she cried louder and more distictively in pain than any time I have ever heard her in her whole life before, including right after her birth.

The pictures were all taken with my phone before the shots — for someone who doesn’t know the meaning of the word innoculation, I thought she looked surprisingly nervous.

We followed our friend Scarlett’s advice and administered some baby Tylenol right before and some comfort nursing right after, so that by the time we left the office, Kivrin was grinning at her favorite nurse again, even though Diane gave her two of the shots a few minutes earlier. Everyone marvelled at her excellent neck/head control and her alertness. She weighed 13 pounds and measured 23 inches long.

Kivrin charmed them all with her “social smile” including a tween with an ankle sprain in the waiting room who was upset to think that such a little baby was sick (and she didn’t feel better when I explained that Kivrin was healthy and just due for her first round of immunizations!)

We don’t have to go back until January for her next round of shots- although we have to play health-insurance-roulette before then to guess whether lower premiums or a lower deductible will be a better deal for us in the coming year. The optimist would pick lower premiums and hope for a safe and healthy year, but the realist is about to send an infant to a child care center…kivrin-bandaid

The nurse put a “hello, kitty” bandaid on each of Kivrin’s thighs to cover up her injection sites. It’s been 12 hours since her shots, and besides taking two long naps today, she hasn’t seemed to be sore or fussy (for which I am VERY grateful!)