Kivrin is doing great at her child care center, and Dan and I are surviving this transition as well. Everything went smoothly on my first day back to work (okay, we left the pump on the living room floor, but I realized I didn’t have it and Dan brought it in for me). Kivrin is adjusting to taking a bottle at daycare and I’m able to go over my lunch hour to nurse her, which is a nice break for me. The first day, Dan had the day off, so he picked her up early. When I came home, they were snuggling at his computer. all-tired-out-after-school

Both days so far Kivrin has taken a LONG nap after she gets home– I think the excitement of new people, including 5 babies her own age, is keeping her excited all day. So many people to smile at and talk to!!

still-tired-out-after-school1But she still wakes up for a few hours of playtime before bed. I’m sure we will all continue to adjust to this change over the next few weeks…