Kivrin is already blessed with many toys and clothes, but since several people have asked about it, we put together a Christmas list of things that she would appreciate and enjoy.

For my convenience, most things are on her Amazon wish list (it’s heavy on award-winning toys for toddlers) but by all means please shop locally for these items if you can!

My Wish List

Items not easily listed on Amazon are:

Sears Portrait Studio gift cards for her 6 month and 1 year photos.

If you want to buy her clothing, your guess is as good as ours about clothing sizes. Kivrin weighs 13.5 pounds at age 3 months (end of November). She does not need more clothes in size 6 month, she is wearing those now.

She could wear long-sleeved outfits and sleep-and-plays in size 9 months later this winter and maybe also in size 12 months for next spring. She could also use some size 12 month or larger socks, especially in bright or dark solid colors.

Also, she is a drooler, so cute bibs with animals, flowers, etc. can be worn over other outfits now to prevent multiple clothing changes —  Since these are to wipe drool they should be soft and absorbent!

Or, if you don’t want to shop for “stuff”, you could donate to our new local children’s museum – Kansas Children’s Discovery Center – they are building beginning next Spring.

Mostly what Kivrin wants for Christmas is to visit each and everyone one of you, give you a big smile and some snuggles, and then leave a little drool on your shirt collar as a sign of her love!