So, funny story. Dan and I decided we wanted a photo of Kivrin with the snow, but she doesn’t have a snowsuit or even a coat because she can’t even sit up yet and is always bundled in her carseat if she is outside. So I put her warm hat on and then swaddled her in a blanket and Dan got the camera all ready and we planned to just take one quick photo and then rush back into the warm house. Outside, just as I’m about to set my infant down on the ground in the fresh snow, I look up and see a police car cruising slowly down the street. I hesitate, and look guiltily back at Dan.. Is this a good idea? Is it more dangerous than I thought? I quickly lay Kivrin in the snow and step back so Dan can take the picture.

snowbabyThe police car stops, and backs up a few feet, even with our house. Oh no! I’ve already scooped up the baby and am ready to get inside when the officer’s voice calls out. “Baby’s first snow?” he asks, with a smile. We say yes, and chuckle with him and go inside, relieved that he understood!!



We brought in a bowl of the light fluffy snow for Kivrin to play with–she loved holding the bowl herself but got mad every time her fingers got cold!!