I don’t know if these are official developmental milestones, but Kivrin is quite impressed with herself and her new skills…


…holding a toy (or burp cloth) with both hands and raising it above her head.


…grabbing little things, like the tags on her toys, and using them as handles.


…raising her head up really high while on her belly, and sometimes reaching out for toys while on her belly.


…reaching for things with both hands, whether she is sitting up, laying down, or in a standing position. If she can, she’ll throw her weight around to try to maneuver closer to something you want.



…using her stomach muscles to lift her feet up in the air. She grabs her pants or her socks or her toes. ¬†Sometimes she even flops over to the side in an “L” shape, but she hasn’t rolled over yet.


…and she’s an expert grabber, of her toys, blankets, her own shirt or pants, her bib, her burp cloth, mommy’s watter bottle or drinking glass, her parents’ hair, mommy or daddy’s glasses, etc.