Kivrin’s favorite holiday decoration was probably the animatronic and completely annoying talking Homer Simpson.


On New Year’s Eve, Kivrin and Dan both wore their glow-in-the-dark party jewelry!


Kivrin wore her best New Year’s Eve outfit — it says “Party Animal” and she obviously was one!


kivrin-playing-carrie-watchingOur good friends Alex and Carrie came over to spend the evening with us.  Kivrin entertained all of us.


 Dan showed off his new toy, the Roboraptor. We weren’t sure what Kivrin would think of it, but if I could read her mind, I think she was saying “look, a big green kitty. I want to pet it.” The roboraptor has different personality settings, like “playful” and “guard” and “agressive.” Kivrin seems to like it when the dinosaur pursued her, trying to bite her hand and growl at her. Unlike the kitty cats, who always run away from her, the “agressive” dinosaur just kept trying to get closer to her, no matter how much she grabbed at it’s face!



 By 9:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, Kivrin was winding down and in pajamas. A quick good night visit with the big cat (followed by a thorough hand-washing) and she was off to bed!


Kivrin and Mommy didn’t make it to midnight, but Dan woke me up at 11:59 pm to wish me a happy new year (so he says…) For some reason, this is the only photo we took on January 1, 2009. It has a definite “morning after” feel to it, even though really we were trying to show that she can lift her burp cloth over her head and sometimes forgets to bring it back down…