In her new needy, crabby, teething mood, Kivrin likes to play independently, as long as at least one other person is devoting their attention to appreciating her cuteness. (Not talking to her, or playing with her, just not doing anything else either, and especially not leaving the room.) If I put her on the bed, I can update this blog from a few feet away, as long as she thinks I am mostly watching her….


Dan worked hard to set up this cool photo of Kivrin and Ella (the cat), which unfortunately turned out sort of creepy…


Kivrin discovered the car seat strap. And by discovered, I mean tasted. At least it’s winter, so the strap is tucked inside the BundleMe and not dragging on the ground as often…


A combination of favorites here — standing tall above mom’s head, and looking at herself in the mirror.


Dan is practicing putting Kivrin up on his shoulders, that classic “daddy” maneuver. This time, she mostly played with his hair, and then kept turning to look at the camera!


I know this is the most anti-climactic photo ever, but those childhood firsts make better stories than photographs anyway. This afternoon, Dan and I were both in the living room watching Kivrin play on her belly. All of the sudden, she looked over her shoulder and sort of reached with her arms for a toy, and she ended up on her back! As far as we know, this is her first solo front-to-back roll! We clapped and cheered for her and laid her on her belly to try again, but it was a one-time performance today (hence the photo of Kivrin laying face-down on the floor, not rolling over.)