For lunch, we went Alfonzo’s pizza in Maryville. Afterwards, we spent some time (and tokens) in the arcade next door.

ball-rollingKivrin showed off her rolling skills for Grandpa, and all of her best giggles.


Kivrin won some tickets, but we gave them to some bigger kids to redeem, since none of the prizes were infant-friendly.


Dan and Lissa played skee ball –Kivrin just watched, although she liked the flashing lights.


Kivrin loved sitting like a big girl on the cars (Notice Mommy’s hand providing some safety/security).

ferrari15.5 more years and she’ll be ready for the real thing.


Did Lissa lose at Swamp Stomp because she is uncoordinated, or just because she was holding the baby? Hmmm. I think the answer is obvious 🙂