how-many-toysKivrin likes to sit up on her own (with either a person or a pillow behind her, just in case!) and reach for all of her toys. She plays with one for a moment and then moves on to another one. If she only has one toy and can’t see any others, she can play with it for 10 minutes quite contentedly. If she can see other toys, then she likes to have them all!                   

Speaking of reaching, she is sitting on my lap while I type this and she wants a turn on the keyboard:

                                  ggggb                             nnnn         nnn  t             mb j m ,d ztmmmmm               


(she was really into the space bar today)


As Kivrin practices babbling and moving her lips around, she has discovered this weird lip-sucking maneuver. Sometimes she uses it to make little smacking noises, and other times it is silent.