You know what I love? Unseasonably warm weather, especially on late winter weekends.  What an excellent treat! The sun, the breeze, the smell of a neighbor burning leaves. Natural light photos after a long winter of bright flashes. A walk to the local school playground.



Look really closely at these next three photos. Kivrin had been sitting on my lap in the yard. I was laying on my back talking to her and watching her look around. Suddenly, she was transfixed on something. I craned my neck, but I couldn’t see anything moving anywhere on our block. I finally sat up, and saw a dog walking slowly down the street, over a block away. Kivrin didn’t look away once, except when the dog finally meandered past our house and she had to whip her head around to look over her other shoulder. She watched him until he disappeared up the alley, at least 10 straight minutes.




And speaking of dogs, Friday night, while we were sitting on the back porch steps after work, a man walking his dog passed by and the dog (big, black, not on a leash) actually came over to us. Kivrin blabbered at the dog, who licked my hand and her hand and then rolled in front of us to get his belly rubbed. We declined to rub his belly since his owner was calling for him. When we went inside to wash our hands and tell Dan about it, he didn’t even believe me. Just because I am not a big fan of dogs doesn’t mean that the baby shouldn’t get to pet them, at least if they seem extremely docile and the owner is nearby…