Kivrin started clapping on her own around 5 1/2 months. For a few days before, she slapped her open palm on everything (pillows, the floor, her legs, other people’s hands) and then suddenly she realized she could put her hands together! Of course, since we cheer for her whenever she claps, she loves clapping more and more!


And her favorite activity of all time is still…. cat watching. She laughs and shrieks, stares mesmerized, giggles and grins, all for the love of Big Kitty and Ella. Kitty started out wary of the baby, and has progressed to something closer to terrified. He refuses to be in her line of site, and will leave the room if she shrieks happily at him. We aren’t sure what will happen in our house with Kivrin starts crawling, but I’m pretty sure that chasing after the cats will be the motivation for her to get up on her knees and scooting across the floor.