dino-odellOur friend Stephanie threw an awesome birthday party for her 5 year old daughter. Instead of presents, everyone brought canned goods for the local food pantry. And instead of party games, there was a live musical performance from children’s singer and storyteller Dino O’Dell. It was a blast!


Kivrin loved it, of course — Watching all of the other kids running around and dancing, listening to the fun music, bouncing around with Mommy and Daddy, and giving lots of people nice smiles.




After the concert, Kivrin got her first autographed CD — and we have been listening to it ever since! Our favorite song is “Smooching with a Giant Squid” and while the song advises giving high-fives instead of kissing the squid, Kivrin mostly just gives regular fives right now, and she’s getting pretty good at it!kivrin-and-family-with-dino-odell