Facebook has a photo category called “mobile uploads” which seems like the
perfect way to collect and share the random pictures you take with your cell phone.
As anyone who gets email from Kivrin’s parents must know, Dan and I do most of our communicating with our iPhones these days. And since my iPhone is ever-present (because what else can you really do while breastfeeding day and night besides play solitaire, check facebook and email and read the internets?)
I’m lucky that it has a decent camera built in. I havent found a way to upload those pictures directly from the phone to this blog, so I don’t get them posted as often as the ones from the camera. Here are the best of the random iPhone pictures from the last few months…


Laughing at the little cat.

phone-photo2phone-photo3phone-photo4Serious faces from Kivrin.

photo9phone-photo5Enjoying the park on a warm winter day!

photo-6photo-7photo8Sitting on the slide like a big girl!

photo10Splashing at bath time.

photo11Playing with one of her favorite toys at school.

photo12Passed out on my lap.


“Mama, are you ready? Did you pack up my stuff? I have your stuff right here.”