Using the book light in the car helped ease Kivrin into sleep while driving at night and helped her stay awake longer after dark. As much as you like when your baby sleeps while you drive, you still don’t want her to be sleeping for the 4-6 hours right before bedtime…



At Grandpa’s house, Kivrin helped Grandpa use his special folding ruler. If he handed it to her right side, she held it in her right hand. If he handed it to her on the left, she used her left. When he put the ruler in the center, she reached up and grabbed it with both hands! big-chair-little-baby

This nap didn’t last much longer than it took me to find the camera, but I thought Kivrin looked tiny and adorable wrapped in the the blanket I knitted for grandpa and sleeping in his big arm chair.


Back in the car for the last time (for awhile) Kivrin was cheerful and ready to play.


We stopped frequently to play during the drive, all across Missouri. Here Kivrin is playing ball and helping drive the car at a rest stop diaper change.




Making music is fun too, especially with the musical maracas.


Even a good natured baby can get tired of riding in the car seat day after day.