Kivrin had a great visit with Dr.Iliff this morning. She weighed 16 pounds and 15 ounces, which we can safely round to 17 pounds I think. She measured 25 inches long and her head was 17….I didn’t see the unit on the measuring tape… I’m guessing centimeters though?

Kivrin got her finger pricked for an iron test (11.1) and she didn’t cry at all. She also had two vaccinations today, and the nurses administered them at the same time. Kivrin only cried for 10-15 seconds afterwards and had already smiled at the nurses again before they left. A few minutes later though, everyone in the office was pitying the poor sad little girl who was wailing so loud and so long… Of course they found out later that Kivrin’s 90 seconds of miserable crying was just a result of not wanting to put her shirt over her head and arms…and had nothing to do with shots at all!
No more doctor’s visits until June, and no shots scheduled for that visit.

In other news, everyone at Lissa’s book group shared baby photos today and Kivrin is quite popular. And tonight Kivrin got to meet our friend Yolanda and her daughter!

I also discovered that the big cat, who is afraid of the baby, is less afraid of the baby than of thunderstorms, which terrify him. He spent all evening trying to get close to us, even after the baby pulled out handfuls of his fur. The baby didn’t notice the storm, although her classroom plays a rain storm CD in the nap room, so maybe it just made her sleepy.
We had fun watching the rain from the back porch too, although I wish we could have gone for a walk.


Kivrin sometimes gives kisses now, and they are wet. Very, very wet.


I read that 6 months is a good age to introduce a doll to practice nurturing skills. If wet kisses are a sign of love, then Kivrin care for her doll quite a bit! This adorable pink and purple sweater is a present from Gramma Mary.


Kivrin and I tried out the ring-sling as a side-carrier, and it works great! (taking a self-portrait of two people who are sharing a ring-sling is trickier – this shot is our reflection in the hallway mirror).