Admit it, you think I put the wrong title on this post.

Look at how happy this baby is, playing outside.

 Only 90 minutes earlier, I had received the dreaded phone call “This is your day care. Your child has a fever and we need you to come pick her up.” This is not to make light of Kivrin’s illness — her temperature went up to almost 102 degrees overnight, but she’s just such a happy kid that most of the time she is sick, she is still playing and smiling and laughing with us. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I feel?


Kivrin was also happy to scoot around the kitchen floor, exploring my pump bag and purse. She pulled herself almost to her knees trying to reach my purse and finally scooted around the side to acheive her goal. I cut her some slack since I was frantically reading the baby books about how to treat fever symptoms!


I just liked how small Kivrin looks in this photo, tucked in her big-girl stroller, plus the contrast of my half-dead-brown-shady and half-growing-green-sunny yard in the background.