Sitting up high, watching lions lounging in the sun, playing with Daddy’s hair. Life is good. The weather was so beautiful on Saturday (in the low 70’s) that we turned off the basketball games and spent an hour at the Topeka Zoo. Kivrin postponed her nap to look at the animals, and then took an over-tired nap at Tuptim Thai while Dan and I grabbed a nice dinner together.


Kivrin usually doesn’t look at the orangutans because they don’t move around enough to get her attention. Today was an exception, as one of the orangutans was sitting near the glass, interacting with the zoo visitors. Kivrin placed her hand on the glass, and the orangutan did the same– I don’t know if the orangutan or Kivrin was more pleased!kivrin-and-orangutan


Kivrin was especially fascinated this visit with a giraffe who was eating in her stall. Her tail swished, her feet stomped, and when her head stretched up high, Kivrin watched in awe.