We spent the weekend at Grandpa Staley’s house. Hopefully I’ll get more pictures shared soon, but here are a few to start.

Kivrin has started eating Puffs, which are sort of like cheerios or kix, but they dissolve more easily. She can’t really feed herself successfully yet, but we let her practice at every meal and then help her when she gets frustrated. She mostly likes to pick them up from the tray and then drop them in her lap.

Somehow I got Kivrin really messy when I was feeding her avocado, and she wasn’t even helping me!


Before the SNOW came (in the last weekend of March!!!) Grandpa cut a big bouquet of daffodils from his yard. Kivrin was very interested in the flowers. I wanted to take a posed photo of her in this “happy girl” flower outfit next to the bouquet, but she is mobile and grabby enough to make that a really bad idea. As it was, Grandpa had to be quick to keep the flowers out of Kivrin’s lunging reach.