Kivrin and I went to the library’s Go Go Green Fair on Saturday afternoon — it was PACKED with people and very cool. I carried Kivrin in the sling, so it was impossible to take any pictures while we were there, but she got to pet some real live snakes, and watch a turtle and a barn owl up close. She saw honeybees busily working on their hive (through a glass container) and some dogs and cats that are adoptable from the local shelter. At one booth, Scarlett helped Kivrin make a happy sock cat toy. Here are some photos of Kivrin giving the toy to our cats once we got home.


I wish I could find some kitties to play with this toy…


You know, that looks really fun!


It is, it is really fun!


I could play with these for hours…


Sorry, big cat, but I need to play with this myself.


I’m too fast, and you’re scared of me! Advantage: Kivrin.