rice is great

Kivrin’s still a great eater, she loves everything we give her. She eats such a huge variety of foods, and we offer her several foods at each meal.

For example, today Kivrin ate:


Breakfast: Oatmeal, pureed pears and blueberries, cereal O’s, cup of water

4 oz bottle of breastmilk

Lunch: Pureed sweet potatoes, diced cooked carrots and broccoli, rice puffs, cup of water

Nursing at the zoo

Snack: cereal O’s and diced kiwi


Dinner: frozen peas, egg yolk/yogurt/pasta mixture, rice, diced pineapple, cereal O’s, cup of water


With all of this food, Kivrin has plenty of energy to play with her toys and plenty of messy diapers for us to change! 

too many toys